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Side Gyoza (6 pieces)     $4.99
6 pieces of deep fried beef gyozas.
Be sure to ask for our special gyoza sauce!

Eggroll    $3.59

One pork and vegetable eggroll, deep fried.

Kimchi   $3.50

Spicy pickled cabbage.

Side Rice     $3.00

$1.00 extra for brown rice.

Chicken + Rice     $6.99

A side of rice and chicken; perfect portion for the kids.

Side Salad     $3.99

Fresh, crisp lettuce with your choice of dressing:
Ranch, Italian, or Bleu Cheese

Side Fried Rice     $5.59

$1.00 extra for brown rice.

Miso Soup     $3.49

Delicious miso paste soup with chives and small peices of tofu.

Side of Boneless Chicken     $5.49

Side of Hot & Spicy Chicken     $5.29

Side of Beef/Pork/Katsu     $5.99

Side of Prawns     $6.69

Side of Ribs, or Salmon     $7.49

Extra sauce/dressing     $0.40

12 oz. of Dressing or Teriyaki sauce     $6.50

Choose between any of our delicious salad dressings (Sesame Seed, Ranch,
Italian, Bleu Cheese) or our famous teriyaki sauce.